Academic Data Retrieval via Elsevier Scopus

Academic data retrieval via Elsevier Scopus

My research use extensive datasets from Elsevier Scopus. My work can never be done without their wonderful API services. To speed up the data collection process, I have been maintaining a simple Python package PyScopus that basically covers most of the common APIs. Check out the quickstart here. It is really user-friendly!

Recently, I decided to do something to solve name ambiguity problem in Scopus, although they have done a good job on this. Yet, similar names can be really hard to handle. Thankfully, one can match affiliation and author pairs to minimize the noise brought by name ambiguity. I describe them here. Hopefully this is helpful for those who are also using Scopus for data collection.

Zhiya Zuo

Zhiya Zuo

Filet-O-Fish 🍔 is the BEST!

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